Value Chain Consultancy

Want pragmatic, expert advice for the specialty coffee industry? Or are you looking for a consultant for your next project?

We have worked with multinational traders, national coffee associations, and aid organizations to deliver value across the coffee supply chain. No matter what your project might be, our expert team can collaborate with you to drive value at every stage, in every process.

As value chain consultants, PDG Media can assist clients in creating and reviewing business plans, addressing current technical challenges, and discussing the market potential of new products. Recent projects include:

  • A company interested in the market potential of their specialty green coffee packaging

  • An NGO seeking to commercialize their fine cacao

  • A government association in need of rigorous market research regarding geographical indication for a certain origin

Industry expertise

We’re experts in the world of specialty coffee. At no other consultancy service will you find specialists with direct access to the resources of a world-leading trilingual coffee publication that delivers information and education to millions every single year.

Our global team of coffee professionals spans Europe, Asia, and the Americas, making us uniquely positioned to provide an international perspective on all aspects of the coffee supply chain. 

Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of the entire coffee supply chain, we appreciate the complex challenges that face the coffee industry today. We can help you identify sustainable and financially viable solutions. Our extensive network means we can connect you with the people who matter in an industry where building positive relationships is so important. 

And if you require the technical expertise of an outside specialist, we have a variety of external partners. They include world-leading consultants, WBC champions, barista trainers, sustainability experts, Q graders, and more.