Social Media Services

Give your brand a strong voice and visual presence on social media.

If your organization lacks a well-planned social media strategy, you’re missing out on a huge number of opportunities to connect with stakeholders or customers and scale – every single day.

We deliver content on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to:

Social media steps


As part of our partnership, we will constantly look to support business development. 

PDG Media members are present at key trade shows so that we can support with live social media content (stories, posts, videos, live session, and more) and strategic introductions to potential partners.

Campaign Analytics

We constantly review and fine-tune each social media campaign according to the data it generates.

Each month you’ll receive a three-page report outlining the growth on each platform. This will cover the number of followers, engagement, and potential leads generated, as well as highlighting opportunities for future development. You’ll be able to examine the results and stay up-to-date on what’s working.


Communication is key for all marketing. Your PDG Media account manager will never be more than an email or WhatsApp message away throughout the working week. Reach out when you need anything, or share updates and news throughout the day for stories.

Reporting & Strategy

Before starting your campaign, our creative director creates a comprehensive benchmark report for you to review. We analyse industry and community perceptions of your brands, and review competitor content to come up with a fully bespoke strategy for your brand.

Editing Copy

All captions are reviewed and edited by the PDG editorial team to ensure the content matches your brand identity and is grammatically correct.

Before going live, the content will be sent to you for approval. This is done in advance so you’ll have time to review and fine-tune where necessary. (Note that our team is very flexible, and can help in the case of a necessary last-minute change or to cover a live event, competition, expo day, etc.).

Custom Strategy

A weekly social media strategy is developed based on our research. This is optimized for the marketing and sales goals you outline and is unique for each social platform you choose. All social content – from cover and profile photos to stories to posts – will reflect this master plan.

Content Creation

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will directly manage your channels, becoming an expert on your specific brand and products in the process. They will have expertise in your sector and will speak the local language(s) as required to maximize value.

Your account manager will create content (generally for a full month at a time) based on the information you provide, their industry expertise, and research from authoritative sources. They typically work alongside a graphic designer, videographer, and our creative director, giving you optimized captions and visuals for each platform.

Community Management

It’s not just about content. A critical part of any campaign is maintaining a relationship with your audience. That’s why your account manager will:


  • Post your daily content at optimum times based on targeted timezones. 

  • Manage geotargeting and ad spend accordingly.

  • Maintain a near-constant flow of story content as applicable, generally related to the channel’s most recent social media posts.

  • Allocate a period of time each day to respond to comments, like and follow from your account, and engage with the community.

  • Respond to questions and sales inquiries. Key inquiries or will be forwarded directly to your team with screenshots/breakdowns for context.

Creating and posting social media content can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when there are multiple platforms to consider. If you’re too busy to dedicate time to social media marketing, we can help.

As a flexible agency at the forefront of the coffee industry, PDG Media can make sure your brand comes across as relevant and forward-thinking. Our brand-specific content is engaging and created with both performance and sector expertise in mind. 

Our team works with clients to develop an effective strategy that is true to their brand’s voice and goals. Following review and approval, we post according to a set schedule, and fully manage your accounts, communicating regularly and reporting results.