Event Management

We can help you take advantage of virtual and in-person events.

We can help you become more involved in global coffee events, improve your networking efforts, and showcase your product at some of the industry’s leading expos and competitions.

Our events team has a proven track record of helping clients maximize their event experience. (We even organize annual coffee events at origin: Producer Roaster Forum.)

Trade Show Assistance

Successfully exhibiting at SCA, WOC, and other industry trade shows isn’t easy on your own. We can help you refine the details, choose the right partners, and appoint world-leading experts to man your booth.

Whether it means hiring baristas, arranging cuppings, liaising with roasters for collabs, or developing marketing material, we can guide you through the process of planning, marketing, and managing your booth.

Event Selection

Not sure which trade shows or coffee events are worth your while? Looking for maximum impact with a limited investment? We can offer guidance on which events best suit your goals and budget.

Event Planning Services

Our team has experience in launching world-leading coffee industry events such as the groundbreaking Producer Roaster Forum. If you’re looking to host or plan an event, our expert team can support you.