Creation & Email Strategy

Stay in touch with your audience by sending them the latest news updates.

Email lists are a powerful marketing tool. If you want an effective way to target and engage your existing customers, there’s nothing quite like a regular email newsletter. They enable you to add value and build loyalty as you stay in touch and grow your audience. 

The PDG Media editorial team can prepare and refine your desired content, streamlining the process from start to finish.

A good newsletter should include fascinating, relevant content along with beautiful photography and graphics. Our newsletter service includes creating a regular newsletter, as well as managing campaigns and mailing lists.

We’ll deliver a visually striking, hassle-free communication method that encourages clickthroughs, website traffic, and conversions. 

Additional Services

As well as designing and sending newsletters, we can also provide a dedicated aftercare and analytics service. This means tracking the success of the campaign, segmenting your lists, and integrating the newsletter with your website (we can even create landing pages if necessary). You’ll receive a report after each newsletter so you can review and discuss its success.