Content Creation

Blog Writing

A blog is a great way to add value for your customers and reach a wider audience. Good posts will be shared again and again on social media. Our global team stays up-to-date with the latest trends to create engaging content every single day. We know how to find a story, and we can help you tell yours. After an initial consultation, we’ll devise a content calendar that supports your schedule and social media strategy. Upon approval of title/subject, PDG will interview selected experts and write clear, accessible articles with an emphasis on SEO.

Press Releases

Are you a new product or marketing campaign? We can write you a concise and effective press release, ready for distribution to international publications. 

If you’d prefer to give us a draft, our team is also able to proofread your copy and ensure the message appeals to your desired target audience.

Website Copy

A good website contains succinct, engaging text that establishes your brand image. By writing copy for your web pages, we can help you capture the attention of your target audience and convey your message.

Our team will review your content and align it with your ideal brand voice. We will make sure that your copy (both site and social) is clear, consistent, and interesting. Our editors can rewrite copy or start from a blank slate, and will include digital marketing “must-haves”, like distinct conversions and calls to action (CTAs).

We also provide bespoke web design packages.

Struggling to find a copywriter who understands specialty coffee or how your organization works? We can help. 

Our team of editors and copywriters are experts at creating relevant, engaging content; we do it every day. We’ve established a world-leading coffee publication (over 7.5 million+ page views in 5 years) that provides daily expertise to stakeholders at every stage of the supply chain.

At PDG Media, we focus on helping clients in the coffee sector and other related industries. We understand how to successfully develop and refine your brand image. Our experienced copywriters can create content that meets the highest editorial standards, attracting readers in the coffee community and beyond.

We also offer an express service (turnaround in under a week).