Brand Development

Purpose or mission

The values driving your organization and the reason it exists should clearly shine throughout all of your branding. 

Communicate the problem that is solved by your product or service, and how you can help your target audience.

Personality or persona

Your organization has a voice of its own; make sure it’s one that can be heard. 
By developing a unique personality for your brand, you can change how people think about you and succeed at acquiring and retaining customers.

Brand voice

How do you communicate? The best brands leverage tone and language to make sure that their messaging is always consistent and engaging. This might be curt and professional, or hip and chatty, depending on your purpose and target audience.


If people remember nothing else, they will remember your logo. This simple, effective symbol is integral in defining your brand identity. 

Get it right first time: a smart, appealing logo that’s consistent with the rest of your messaging will encourage people to learn more about your organization.

Visual identity

Your brand’s look and feel should be instantly recognizable. Evocative, emotive visuals and an aesthetically pleasing colour palette will support your brand and allow you to remain consistent in all your messaging.

Good brands offer their audience a visual experience that represents both organizational values and individual style.


What’s in a font? Well, more than you might think. The characters you choose do more than just spell out certain words: they’re an integral component of your brand’s definitive visual identity.

The typography you choose should complement your identity, voice, culture, and tone. Weave it into your messaging to ensure that your brand becomes memorable and distinctive.

Sloganor tagline

Short and sweet: make your brand memorable. 

A good slogan is a convenient, snappy way to create an association between your name and what you do.

Authenticity is an important part of developing a positive brand identity. To refine and develop clients’ brands, we work closely with them to identify the key areas to promote and focus on. This ensures that the end results match your core values as well as industry and/or consumer expectations.

In today’s market, customers expect more than a world-class product, and being competitive isn’t just about price. Customers look for curated experiences from brands they feel engaged with. PDG Media can help you craft a distinct brand identity that will attract long-term customers and increase your company value. 

Let’s get started!