Author : laura

Planning your social media content

Creating engaging social media content is the most important step to grow your business, your followers, and your brand identity. But why is that?  While almost every business has its own social media account, the vast majority are failing to create meaningful connections with their audience. Their content is sporadic, dull, and lacks a consistent […]

How coffee producers can improve their social media

Over the last decade, social media has emerged as one of the most valuable communication and sales tools for coffee producers. It offers an opportunity to build a brand, connect with partners, and interact with markets around the world. Social media can also be useful for keeping up with the latest coffee trends, as well […]

Social media algorithms

If you’re an avid social media user, or if you do social media marketing for a living, you would have come across the concept of “algorithms”.  In this article, we look at why algorithms matter, how you can use them to achieve marketing objectives, and why they’re so important for digital marketing in the coffee […]

Using language and voice for marketing coffee businesses

Across the world, there are countless businesses in the coffee sector, from producers and roasters to cafes and training schools. Many of these businesses have distinct identities, as well as specific values and messages for their customers, both new and existing. But how should these businesses actually be communicating? How can language and voice play […]